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We are a local family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality poly tanks in Toowoomba with 40 years of experience.

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Built strong for long-lasting performance

We specialise in 5,000 Gallon/ 22,700 L tanks

22,700 L

Perfect for agricultural, industrial, or commercial use where a substantial water supply is required.

  • 22,700 L storage capacity

  • The ultimate choice for large-scale water harvesting.

  • 3.5 M in diameter

  • 2.45 M inlet height

  • 2.7 M apex height

5,000 L

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, catering to various water needs.

  • 5,000 L storage capacity

  • Offers a balance between size and storage capacity.

  • 2M in diameter

  • 2M inlet height

1,500 L

Perfect for capturing rainwater in urban settings or homes with limited outdoor space.

  • 1,500 L storage capacity

  • Ideal for smaller spaces and residential use.

  • 1.3M in diameter

  • 1.3M inlet height

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Crafting Excellence for Over 40 Years

Australian Poly Tanks is Toowoomba's local,  trusted, family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience manufacturing poly tanks. Our unwavering commitment to quality has solidified our reputation as premier manufacturers of Water Tanks in Toowoomba.

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